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Vitarain is the brand for the people who want to take a shower
with safe and healthy water. It will supply you the best solution for your health.
Shinwoo Korea company is a specialized water filter manufacturer.
Vitarain was produced based on high technology for water.

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Why Vitarain?

- Removal of residula chlorine

Vitarain removes 99.9% of residual chlorine in tap water so that
you can use clean water for your skin and hair.

- Antioxidant effect

Antioxidant activity of vitamin C has anti-aging, whitening, nutrition
supply that makes your skin become softer and healthier.

- Aromatheraphy

Various frangrances of Vitarain will give you a more enjoyable shower time.


FDA Registration


Skin Irritation Test

Residual Chlorine Test

Harmful substance Test

HIT 500